Yangu yekusekerera maold school mates angu paFacebook, gore rino yakandiparira zvimwe. There are these two guys I attended high school with, Marshal naTendai. They lived near each other kuno kuHukeyi and I had kept in touch with them on and off.

One day, vakandifonera when they were together and they suggested paying me a visit. I was delighted and happy kuti I could meet up with my old school mates and have a chat and a laugh! My house mate was away that evening and all night. She was working a night shift kune imwe nursing home kwaairara husiku hwese akasvinura achipisika chembere matuzvi!

Ndakanga ndave nenguva ndisati ndaona Marshal naTendai, so I thought it would be a good idea to meet them like old friends. They arrived kumba kwangu at about 8pm. I greeted them nemaHug. Munongoziva isu vasikana vechiZimba tinokara maHug zvekuti!

I led them to the lounge and offered them pekugara apa music ichirira paSky tv yangu. I couldn’t believe I was seeing them again after nearly 10yrs since finishing school! They looked really good. Vakanga vave varume manje. Mikono chaiyo! Kunge Tendai zvake, akange ava nekadumbu. Ndakatoseka zvangu naye ndichiti, “Ende Tendai unenge uri kuwanza dorowo iwe!” Kikiri kikiri ndichiseka zvangu kunge kanzenza!

Marshal akabvira kudhara aine crush on me. He had asked me out a few times kuchikoro but I had always seen him as unattractive and too well behaved. I used to prefer going out nema bad boys who were not afraid to finger me during a film show paweekend, muHall yekuchikoro. I remember even owning a pair of school shoes dzainzi Bad Boys. Remember those?

Mabad boys vaimbanya mazamhu veduwe! Marshal akanga akangotsiga-tsiga. Tendai, on the other hand was well loved by the girls and very popular. However, I had never really fancied him because he was about 3 streams my junior and I had never really got to know him closely. Everyone knew me at school though, because ndaiita zvemodelling uye ndaiitawo zvemusikanzwa izvi. I was well popular!

Anyway, we spoke nyaya dzekuchikoro tichiita refresh mamemories edu on the good old days. I told them about teacher kuchikoro vaidzidzisa History. Teacher ivavo vaigara vachindipa mapunishment because I used to fail all his History tests. The reason ndaifoira kudaro was because I was always looking at him – the teacher, and wishing he was my boyfriend! He looked very handsome and was tall.

A lot of the girls loved him too. I was not the only girl flicking kabeans kangu in my sheets ndichifunga teacher husiku mudorm! It came as no surprise when my O’level results came out. Yes, I had failed on History. Kumwe kwese kunana Maths, Biology, English nei nei, I had passed nema A and B.

The boys spoke about how they got into trouble vachiitawo musikanzwa pamission. Tendai said he used to put a small mirror pasi, paside pecheya dzevasikana. When the girls stood up, he could see their panties! The girls would tell the teacher and he got into trouble kahobho over it. Takaseka zvedu!

Pave paya the boys offered to go and buy some alcohol. There was an off-licence shop not far from my house. Tendai volunteered to run alone to get the drinks and I was left alone naMarshal. Tendai was gone for about 30mins and in that time Marshal had declared to me that he was still crazy about me and was really glad to see me again. I told him kuti I was glad to see him too!

Akabva anditi he wanted to make his dream come true that night. Curious, I asked him what his dream was. Akandipindura achiti, ‘Let me whisper it in your ear.’ We were sitting next to each other on the sofa so I leaned in zvishoma towards him ndichimupira zheve yangu. Iye akaswedera padhuze neni as if to whisper something in my ear. He held my chin with one hand, achisverera muromo wake padhuze nenzveve yangu.

Ndakazovhunduka pandakanzwa nzeve yangu yose yapinda mumukanwa make! Akanyika rurimi rwake mukaburi kenzeve yangu sokunge airikokota buri racho. Eish, I found that very arousing and suddenly I thought; maihwe zvangu… inga Marshal anoita!

I started blushing, flickering my eyelids ndichinyebera kunyara. He noticed and said to me, ‘Don’t be shy.’ He placed his thick dark lips onto mine and gave me a hard kiss, achisvisvina rurimi rwangu! It felt really, really nice.

Ndakatanga kudziirirwa muviri wose nekuita kakudedera sekunge ndarohwa nechando. I usually get this feeling when deeply aroused. I was really horny nokuti I had not had sex for about 2 months. That was a really long time without sex for me!

He kept kissing me non-stop. I must say… he was a really good kisser. Kiss yacho was as if he was biting and sucking my lips. He seemed really hungry, but I was not about to cook anything. There was only one thing I could imagine on the menu. It was ready-made warm pussy-juice! Just as my thoughts were wandering… there was a knock on the door. Yep, Tendai was back with the drinks!

I showed Tendai to the fridge and he loaded the alcohol into it. Marshal poured out a drink for me. Very nice of him to serve me; I thought to myself. Southern Comfort in lemonade with ice. They were having Budweiser in cans. Takatanga hedu kuhuchera.

Takaenda tose kunogara mulounge. My drink tasted quite strong and as we carried on chatting about the good old school days, the alcohol went to my head pretty quickly! I wondered if Marshal had been intentionally trying to get me drunk.

I went to the kitchen to prepare some snacks. Cheese and salty crackers to pick on. Marshal akabva anditevera. He hugged me from my back and rested his chin on my shoulder, looking over it to see what I was preparing. I felt a nice warmness and if truth be told, I wanted him to pull my knickers down right there and slide his dick right up my 2-month tight pussy! I started giggling and told him… he was being really naughty.

Paakanzwa my giggling, Tendai walked into the kitchen to see what I was giggling about. Marshal turned me around ndokutanga kundikisa again. This time achipuruzira musana wangu and moving his hands down kumagaro angu!

Tendai opened the fridge and got a drink out. I could tell he was feeling a bit odd and uncomfortable watching us kiss. As he closed the fridge, Marshal turned me and pushed me backwards towards Tendai. My back landed on Tendai’s chest and Tendai’s back landed against the fridge! Like a domino effect.

Iye Tendai akapotsa adonhedza his can of Bud. We all giggled. Tendai put his drink paside pesink pakange pari pedyo naye and then placed his hands on my waist! We all giggled again tichinakidzwa nethis rather unusual stimulating game.

I had never been in that position before. Sandwiched hangu between two men. Hang on… not just any two men, but two old school mates! I thought I was a bit drunk but I felt a feeling I have never felt before. I felt a bit shy – very unlike me, and yet I was quite ok with being between my old school friends. It felt strange to be enjoying them both! Hamheno zvazvaiita so!

Ah! Tendai ane musikanzwawo. He started kissing the back of my neck slowly and gently… for a laugh really! Well, so it seemed. I giggled ndichitekenyedzwa nazvo. Then his hands went down to my hips and he pulled my rounded buttocks back, sharply and firmly onto his dick area!

We giggled some more. I could feel his dick swelling between my buttocks crack! I really loved how good that felt and wanted it inside me… deep mubeche rangu! Apa Marshal was kissing my lips, achinhafa mazamhu angu.

Tendai moved his hands up from behind me and pushed Marshal’s hands off my breast, so that iye Tendai could have a good fondle of them! Marshal did not complain, he simply moved maoko ake down and grabbed hold of mahips angu, ndokunhafa magaro angu. I felt locked between the two boys and melted…


…to their body heat!